Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Going Out, Staying In

Been a bit active on the nightlife scene these days, for a change (I say "a bit" because, frankly, two nights doesn't exactly make for saga-of-a-lifetime material). Met some funky people (a lie, actually, haven't really met anyone new that I remember the next day) and danced to some funky tunes (another lie, since the music in TigerTiger is a flat average - four-to-the-floor for about five hours straight). And got properly drunk again, which is great, and an experience that everyone needs in their system of a fairly regular basis.

Clubbing is a weird experience; we all go into this cavernous room adorned with large speakers and a vast bar, get ourselves intoxicated, poisoned and otherwise unstable, physically and emotionally, then crowd onto a small space in the middle of the room to fling ourselves around to the monotonous thump-thump of the beat, hoping to snag a willing partner of the opposite sex into your drunken grasp in the process (or, if you're already spoken for, making a total dick of yourself with your steadily expanding entourage of fast friends). All this for a good number of hard-earned (or loaned, to be fair) pounds. Magic, huh?

Sunday, 21 June 2009

An MSN Excerpt

Nash says:
*at least we're not in the dark ages, where even contacting each other is a chore

Ash says:
* oh god
* we'd have to write letters
* actually that would be terribly romantic :D
* i'd wait by the mailbox (we have an american style mailbox) for your letters
* 'my dear... i am afraid by the time you read this letter it may be too late...
* my longing for you has reached such a peak that i am afraid, i could live no more. please, forget me, until we meet again in heaven...
* yours sincerely......'
* wow, actually that would be horrible
* i'm glad we have msn

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

What's New

Ash (the very wonderful girlfriend) came down this weekend, which was very lovely; met my eccentric but lovable family, travelled to the beach, visited the local teahouse, and just had some good times. 'Twas nice, especially considering the strains that being consistently hundreds of miles away from each other for most of our relationship has placed on our togetherness. It does make us appreciate each other's company even more, though, which can only be a good thing. She is quite special.

Other than that, not much else is going on; Alice and I are planning a little project, but between extended spans of laziness on my part, it hasn't really taken off. We did go and see a gig at the Welsh club, which was pretty hard on the ears and liver, but a good night nonetheless (I'm guessing her blog will have more on that). Kiff's exam woes mean that he's not as free for endless Resistance 2 marathons as he used to be; things'll be righted once they're over and done with though, in about 15 hours or so. Slick.

Written some new tunes, which will make their way through the song factory and end up on the right hand side there ==>. Takes time, but it's worth it, especially now that my sound kit is back with me. Which means my UK Songwriting Contest entries aren't going to go to waste. Score!