Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Going Out, Staying In

Been a bit active on the nightlife scene these days, for a change (I say "a bit" because, frankly, two nights doesn't exactly make for saga-of-a-lifetime material). Met some funky people (a lie, actually, haven't really met anyone new that I remember the next day) and danced to some funky tunes (another lie, since the music in TigerTiger is a flat average - four-to-the-floor for about five hours straight). And got properly drunk again, which is great, and an experience that everyone needs in their system of a fairly regular basis.

Clubbing is a weird experience; we all go into this cavernous room adorned with large speakers and a vast bar, get ourselves intoxicated, poisoned and otherwise unstable, physically and emotionally, then crowd onto a small space in the middle of the room to fling ourselves around to the monotonous thump-thump of the beat, hoping to snag a willing partner of the opposite sex into your drunken grasp in the process (or, if you're already spoken for, making a total dick of yourself with your steadily expanding entourage of fast friends). All this for a good number of hard-earned (or loaned, to be fair) pounds. Magic, huh?

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  1. This is why I prefer cocktail bars and heading back early. One day, perhaps, I'll come around.